How to Teach a Preschool Class with Developmental Delays or Lack of Interest

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Preschool Teaching Question from Visitor (email):

“Thanks for the information but what do you do when your class is a delay class or the children just sit there and wont do anything? I am working with a self contain / delay group of children or they are just not up to par?”


Our Answer:

If you have a preschool class with developmental delays, lack of interest or you are teaching a preschool child with developmental delays that seems uninterested in learning, then the key would be to make whatever you are learning interesting and fun.

This may take some trial and error but when you are able to pin-point what works it will be well worth it.

Picture communication symbols work great. The reason PCS (picture communication symbols) work is because they are visual aids which make learning more interesting.

In my pre k classroom in particular, when it was time to line up the children would run or push each other or be touching the person in front of them and bugging them and it wasn’t a very pleasant time.

I found a PCS of children lining up and showed it to them for one week during circle time and made note of how the children in the symbol were in a straight line with their hands to their sides etc.

In only a few days the children were lining up perfectly and patient with each other and were very calm.

You can find PCS information on our website on the homepage in the left hand column/menu.

As for uninterested children, try the symbols as well and make as many activities as you can hands on.

Ask the children what their interests are or observe them and plan your activities according to their interests. You will be amazed at what a big difference these little changes can make.

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