Rainbow Bowling – Simple Kids Science Activity


Preschool science activities for kids dealing with the use of force for knocking down water bottles of different levels.

Science and sensory activities help children discover new, exciting things around them.

Science is everywhere around us from gravity and it’s effect on us and different objects, the air we breathe, the colors of leaves and plants, weather and much more.

Below are basic, simple science ideas you can use to teach children to observe different changes as they occur.


Ask the children simple, open ended questions during these experiments/activities to get them thinking about what they are seeing, hearing, smelling, doing, and feeling.


Rainbow Bowling Activity for Kids


This is a fun preschool learning game & science activity full of color that your kids are going to love. Rainbow Bowling deals with colors as well as the effects of force and gravity for knocking over water bottles using different types of balls as stated below.


How to Start:

1.) Half-fill each of 10 plastic water bottles.

2.) Invite the children to predict what will happen when you add different combinations of food coloring to each bottle’s water.

3.) Help the children test their predictions by dropping various color combinations into the water in each bottle.

4.) When done, hot glue the lids on each water bottle. Mark small circles on a piece of bristol, or poster board so that there is a standing bowling position for each bottle.

Allow the children to take turns rolling a large rubber ball, or soft baseball towards the bottles to try and knock them all over.


Alternative Ideas for this Activity:

You can change up this activity by adding more water to each bottle.

You could then use a lighter or smaller ball to help children understand how different weights effect the knocking over of the water bottles and how different amounts of water make the bottles more difficult to knock over.

Simple preschool science ideas and questions based on observations and different reactions help the children to reason and to learn.

*Play Children’s Music for Added Fun!


Make a Fun Bowling Game for Kids:


Aside from learning about the science of force when knocking down certain bottles full of varying amounts of water, you can use this game to make a fun bowling game.

You could place a certain number of points on each water bottle or color code each bottle.

(eg.) Place a blue dot on a few water bottles and a red dot on a few others and a black dot on the rest.

Each color represents so many points.

Have the children stand on a line a certain distance from the bottles. Give each child 3 different attempts to roll the ball to knock over as many bottles as possible (just like real bowling), then add up the points.

Reset the bottles and move on to the next child. The child with the most points wins. You can also leave out the points system all together and give each child a sticker after they participate.

This is a great, simple activity to get children up and moving, adding points and learning. Rainbow Bowling makes a fun rainy day activity for indoors in a large area or an outside summer, spring or fall activity for kids.