Solar System for Kids & Outer Space Theme Activities

150+ Printable Activities & Lesson Plan Ideas For Kids

Solar system for kids and outer space activities for teaching children.Over 150 solar system and outer space printable activities for teaching preschoolers and young kids about space.

This is the latest release in our collection of printable activities software for your kids. Solar system for kids theme activities and ideas for preschool and kindergarten children include, Space glasses, printable mazes, activity sheets, constellation worksheets, eclipse printable activities.

Plus child care resources, craft ideas and related preschool outer space recipes and snacks.

Everything you need to assist you in helping kindergarten children and preschoolers learn about “Outer Space” using fun solar system for kids activities, games, printables and creative ideas.

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Our Solar System for Kids Printable Space Activities

Simply pick the printable activities and print them out!

Below is a Full List of All The Printable Theme Activities on this CD.

Outer Space Theme & Solar System Activities

• Alien printable board games

• Tell a story pictures

• Space theme alphabet

• Constellation activity sheets

• Eclipse activity sheets

• Flash Cards

• Glitter stars

• Martian tracing

• Rocket, moon and star tracing

• Martian and robot finger puppets

• Martian Masks

• Outer space bookmarks

• Outer space name tags

• Planet numbers

• Puzzles

• Door hangers

• Space birthday cards

• Borders

• Collage pictures for mobiles, room display

• Space activity sheets

• Headbands

• Space mazes

• Space shape matching

• Space snap

• Space sunglasses

• Stained glass windows

Outer Space Recipes

• Marshmallow constellations

• Fizzy Comet Drinks

• Moon Shakes

• Meteor Cakes

• Ice cream Saturn’s

Space Theme & Solar System Lesson Plan Activities

• Comet paintings

• Comets

• Mini Space ships

• Large space ships

• Body space gel

• Moon rocks

• Star dust confetti

• Martian antenna’s

• Shooting star painting

• crater activities

• Fluro stars

• Sunshine handprints

• Marbled planets

• Saturn

• Constellation

• Telescope

Outerspace theme printable activity sheets and worksheets for kids.

Space worksheets, printables andactivities for preschool children.

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