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Preschool Genius Learning Pack

Read our disclaimer details below if you have any questions.

‘Preschool Genius Learning Pack’ is a learning package designed to help parents and teachers educate children using some fun, creative tools and games. The package consists of a variety of educational songs and games created by us for use in teaching preschool kids. Some images and items are not associated with us- and remain the copyright property of their individual companies. There are provided for FREE in the package under the ‘fair usage policy’. No payment is being made towards purchasing these. They are bonuses that are useful and fun for children.

Preschool Learning Genius Package- Over 100 preschool learning tools, games, videos, learning activities & more for your kids. Learn to count, learn colors, shapes, numbers, alphabet and more. $39.99

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*This Preschool Genius Learning Package requires you have the Latest Flash Player installed on Your computer-Free Flash Player Download! This package require Flash Player-Get It FREE BY Clicking here! You Need Flash Player For This Package


Approx. 100 different learning tools and ideas for teaching kids.Preschool Genius Learning Pack includes all of the learning items and learning tools listed on the main ‘sales page’ and possibly more educational items.

It was developed by to help parents and teachers save time and still be able to teach their children or students various preschool activities and life skills at an early age.

Free Bonuses:

*The Free Bonuses which may be included are just that, FREE…meaning there was no monetary compensation received by

These Free Bonuses may be comprised of elements, designs or characters which were not developed by

*Bratz characters, and Hello Kitty characters are NOT associated with our website in anyway but remain the sole property of their individual creators and companies.




These characters were simply added to a coloring book game called ‘Fun With Colors’ that was created by to be given away for FREE or as a FREE BONUS etc.

*We would encourage you to visit those characters company websites online by doing a search for Bratz, or Hello Kitty etc.


Drag and Drop Bonus:

The Drag and Drop Shape Game (with sound effects) was NOT designed by

It was discovered by us, but we could not find or contact the developer. We felt it was a fun addition to our visitors. We provide it simply as a FREE BONUS.


No Monetary compensation is, or ever has been received from this ‘1’ Drag and Drop Shape Game. It is given with our package as a FREE BONUS.

This Preschool Genius Learning Package is a Secure Transaction thru Clickbank Online Payment ProcessingSecure Online Transactions made possible by Paypal & Clickbank

The Preschool Genius Learning Package can be downloaded immediately upon making your payment using any of these methods!


This package require Flash Player-Get It FREE BY Clicking here! You Need Flash Player For This Package

*The Preschool Genius Learning Package requires the latest version of Flash Player installed.

Flash Player is a Free Download!






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Preschool Learning Genius Pack Disclaimer

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