Flower Pot Crafts & Painting Ideas for Preschoolers

Painting flower pot crafts for kids.There are some fun flower pot crafts for kids and preschool art activities that involve children making or painting flower pots.

These painted flower pots make great gifts or fun items to plant seeds and flowers in the classroom to let the preschool children watch them grow.

We have listed some fun craft activities below for you to use with the children in your care. Be sure to see all our painting activities for kids on our website.

Hanging Flower Pots Craft Activity:

What To Do for This Craft Idea:

Set aside a few tin cans (be sure there are no sharp edges on the cans)

Poke four holes in the top of a tin can (across from each other so a ribbon can be attached and the can will not tip when hung up)

You can then attach four pieces of ribbon and tie at the top securely.

Place some soil in the can and plant pansies or some type of flowering plant seed.

The can may be decorated before planting the seed and filling with soil if desired. This makes it a little more personal and makes a great gift!

You could even save these plants and flowers and then re-plant them when they are fully grown with the children and preschoolers outside in a flowerbed or garden for an Earth Day theme or just for a planting lesson plan on gardening and gardens etc.

This is a simple craft idea for kids that is good for spring time or summer when the growing and planting of flowers etc. is happening.

Terra-cotta Flower Pot Painting:

Get a number of small terra cotta flower pots.

Provide each child a flower pot to paint at the table.

Provide each child a small paint brush or 2 for painting on their flower pot.

Provide a series of colors of simple, non-toxic paint colors for the children to decorate and paint their flower pots.

When finished, let the flower pots dry. Have each child put their name on the bottom of the flower pot.

Once dry, you could use these to plant some seeds or flowers into or have children provide it as a gift to their parents.

It makes for a very simple art and craft activity for kids.

Decorate Flower Pots or Old Containers

You could find old plastic containers, tin cans (with no sharp edges) or terra cotta pots.

You could then use these to glue on decorations like beads, glue, paper, fabric and other materials as another kids pre k craft idea for your flower pots.