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Hair Salon Dramatic Play Activity For Kids

Hair Salon Dramatic Play Activity for Children


Going to the hair dresser can be a positive or negative experience for a child depending on their knowledge and personal comfort level with getting their haircut or trimmed.

Setting up a dramatic play center will give children with both types of feelings an opportunity to explore and to help one another understand their views about going to the hair salon and helping one another out.

The preschool children will be able to pretend they are cutting and styling each others hair and communicate their specific hairstyles and what they want done to their hair as they all play and re-enact the hair salon together.


Setting Up Your Hair Salon Play Center:

When setting up a hair salon dramatic play centre for your preschool children you will need:

  • at least 3-4 chairs,
  • a small magazine rack,
  • 2-3 empty buckets,
  • a small table


Hair Salon Props to Add to Your Dramatic Play Activity:

  • Empty shampoo and conditioner bottles,
  • combs,
  • brushes,
  • curling iron & hair straightener,
  • blow dryer,
  • blush brush,
  • barrettes, hair elastics,
  • 2-3 towels,
  • empty hair spray cans,
  • hair clips,
  • wigs
  • shower caps,
  • play scissors,
  • empty spray bottles,
  • kid magazines,
  • cash register,
  • play money,
  • telephone, pad of paper, pencils, clock, calendar,
  • old shower nozzles.


*You may even be lucky enough to locate some old wigs with styrofoam heads for the children to use with this pretend play activity.


Health and Safety:

If you don’t already do head checks in your class you may want to start just to make sure no one has head lice. Some centers do head checks for lice every Monday of a new week.

When you have a center like this set up you may want to rinse off the combs, brushes, scissors, barrettes any other rinse able item in bleach water or spray with a disinfectant spray at the end of every week.

**When using curling irons, blow dryers, etc., you may want to use ones that don’t work anymore so you can cut the cords short to avoid any accidents or injuries.


Hair Visuals:

Print out real photo’s of adults and children at the hair dressers (laminate) and post on the walls of the dramatic play center. You can get pictures of different hairstyles etc. to help set the feeling of your play area.

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