Preschool Mystery Box-Science Sensory Game

Simple Mystery Box for Preschool – What Is It?

Easy to make mystery box for preschool kids.

Activities like mystery box for preschool science are a fun subject to use in teaching preschool children to use their sense.

Preschoolers, toddlers & kindergarten kids can learn about how things work through different simple science experiments that involve sensory activities like seeing, touching, smelling, hearing and in some cases tasting.



This sensory activity is a game called ‘What is it’. It involves an easy to make, mystery box for preschool children where they try to identify the objects inside ONLY using their hands and their sense of touch.

Science activities and games like the mystery box help children to discover new things and to use a variety of their 5 senses and sensory skills. There are other similar types of touching and feeling sensory experiment ideas that can also be used with children.


What Is That? A Learning Game Using Your Sense of Touch

What you will need for this Sensory Activity:

  • 2 – 3 boxes with lids
  • Exacto knife
  • 2 – 3 objects from around the room (hard and soft)


What to do:

  1. Cut a hole in 2 sides only of the boxes. Make sure the holes are not too big, just big enough for a preschooler to fit their hand in.
  2. Get 2-3 familiar objects from around the room. Put them each in a box and tape the lip closed.
  3. Have the children take turns putting their hands in and try to figure out what objects are in the boxes.
  4. *You can always take pictures for a picture book to put in the library as well as document the children’s guesses on a piece of chart paper.


Items You May Want To Use for this Preschool Mystery Box:

  • Rocks
  • Marbles
  • Different Fruits or Vegetables
  • Shoes or Boots
  • Tools
  • Balls (different sports)
  • Shells
  • & More


How to Make the Mystery Box for Preschool Children:


This mystery box for preschool learning activity for kids is a great way for pre k children and young kids to use their sense of touch and feel around objects, using their sensory skills to try and conclude what the object or objects inside might be.

It’s a lot of fun and will keep your children guessing and using their minds.

Science is about discovering new things and observing details. This is a fun sensory activity for your children to use their sense of touch and feeling and sharpen their skills.





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