Feely Bags For Preschoolers & Toddlers

How Does It Feel?  Feely Bags for Preschoolers

Easy to make feely bags for preschoolers and toddlers.These simple to make feely bags for preschoolers are a fun, simple sensory idea for children and toddlers to use and learn from in your pre k classroom and even at home.

It works by having the preschool children describing and observing how the different items feel in each of the simple science feely bags.

There are many different textures to different household materials that work great for sensory or science activities of this kind.



Getting the pre k children & kindergarten kids to touch and feel, while trying to identify the texture or material is a great way to get them to learn.  The preschoolers must use different senses like the sense of touch and also communicate what they feel. It is a fun, mysterious way for kids to learn.

Try these touchy feely bags activities & other sensory ideas and remember it’s all about having fun, communicating with the children and getting their thoughts on what they discover in their own words. These types of preschool science ideas make for fun, unique discoveries and experiences kids will enjoy while learning.

Preschool Feely Bags as a Sensory Activity:

Children can discover different textures of materials using their sense of touch. This is a fun sensory idea that will keep the children guessing and is easy to put together for teaching kids.


What you will need for this Sensory Activity:

  • 8 strong zip-able baggies
  • Sand
  • Flour
  • Cornstarch
  • Cornmeal
  • Water
  • rice
  • popcorn kernels
  • Strong tape such as clear packaging tape


What to do for this Feel Bag Sensory Activity:

  1. Pour about ¼ cup of each ingredient in its own bag. Do not mix them. Make sure all the air is out of the feely bag, zip it up, and tape the zipped part only to a table. Make sure all four bags are in a row.
  2. Next do the same things as above but this time add a little water to each ingredient before taping them to the table.
  3. Add as much or as little water as you want, just make sure the bag will not burst as the preschoolers/children squish them around in their little hands. It’s a preschool science activity so there are no rules.

When you tape the sensory ‘feely bags’ with the water to the table, make sure you put them in the same order but underneath the ‘dry feely bags’.

Ask the preschool children how each one of the science ‘feely bags’ feels with or without the water.

*Take pictures of this pre k sensory activity for a classroom picture book which can be posted in the library and you can also document the children’s responses on a piece of chart paper and post it for the children to see and talk about.


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