Rainy Day Activities for Toddlers, Preschoolers & Kindergarten Children:

Rainy day activities for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten kids.Rainy day activities for kids are important activities and ideas to have on hand for those days when there isn’t much to do outside due to weather, or when you need fun, new teaching ideas for your kids.

Keeping children entertained with activities that are fun and educational isn’t always easy to do.

We have provided a list of rainy day activities that can be used with the children in your care in this section of our preschool website.

Each activity pack has theme based kids games, recipes, craft activities, preschool rainy day printables and lessons all on cds that can be printed out and used over and over again with preschool and kindergarten children.

There are a wide variety of themes and lesson plan ideas targeting specific subjects with hundreds of printable worksheets, game ideas and activities.

Printable Rainy Day Activities for Kids on CD

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Each children’s learning theme Cd & Pre K printable activities download covers a specific educational theme or lesson plan dealing with a specific topic for teaching or entertaining children.

Each Cd contains 150+ printable sheets, kids craft activities, kids theme specific games, fun topic based recipes and printable activities for preschoolers, toddlers & kindergarten children.

Some the rainy day activities for kids, preschool themes and lesson plans for kids on these downloadable cds include, jungle theme printable activities, dinosaur theme activities, ocean theme activities, kids space & solar system theme, weather activities and many more ideas for teaching preschool & kindergarten children.


Parent & care giver crafts and activities for kids.

Jungle theme activities and printables for home or classroom.

Caregivers & Parents Themes                         Preschool Jungle Themes

Dinosaur lesson activities and printables for kids.

Ocean theme craft activities and ideas for kids.

Dinosaur Themes                                              Ocean Themes for Preschool

Solar system for kids and outer space activities for teaching children.

Kids seasonal activities and weather theme activities.

Solar System Themes                                   Weather/Seasonal Themes

Australian animals for kids lesson and activities.

After school care activities for kids.

Australian Animals Theme/Stories                   After School Activities Theme

Full set of rainy day activities and themes for preschool kids.

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