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Kids Shapes Coloring Pages & Pattern Printables

Shapes Coloring Pages for Kids


Shapes coloring pages and patterns printables for preschool kids to color for free.

The free shapes coloring pages and patterns coloring printables below help preschool children to learn about shapes and identify basic shapes.

These coloring pages help children work to develop their fine motor skills as they color, trying to stay within the lines on the pages.

These pages are great additions to your lesson plans about all the different shapes or simply as a fun rainy day activity for preschoolers and kindergarten.

Check out our shape coloring pages and printable pattern sheets below and use with your children for learning.

Kids Shapes & Patterns Coloring Pages:

Shapes For Kids:


Patterns for kids:


How To ‘Select’ and ‘Save’ Your Child’s Free Coloring Pages/Coloring Sheets:

  1. Click on the appropriate free coloring page file
  2. New window will open with your selected coloring sheet file
  3. Right Click the image and select ‘save as..’
  4. Save file to specific location on your computer where it can be easily found.

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