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Shapes Songs For Kids

Kids Learning Shapes Songs


Preschool shapes songs for kids to learn about different shapes.

Circle songs, pre k music & kids songs are a lot of fun for children. Songs help children to learn to keep beats & rhythm while learning about various educational topics and lessons.

There are various shapes songs for kids that can be used with preschool children when they are learning shapes when being homeschooled or taught in the preschool classroom.

These pre k songs about shapes work well as an addition to any lesson plans you may be teaching to preschoolers, toddlers and kindergarten kids about learning shapes.

Songs help young pre k children with their early learning, learning of new words, and musical development and rhythm. Below are several songs for kids that are all about learning the different shapes and how to identify them.

The Shape Song

(Tune: The Farmer in the Dell) (original author unknown)

A circle’s like a ball, A circle’s like a ball,

Round and round It never stops.

A circle’s like a ball!


A square is like a box, A square is like a box,

It has four sides, They are the same.

A square is like a box!


A triangle has 3 sides, A triangle has 3 sides,

Up the mountain, Down, and back.

A triangle has 3 sides!


A rectangle has 4 sides, A rectangle has 4 sides,

Two are long, and Two are short.

A rectangle has 4 sides!



It’s a Rectangle Song

(original author unknown) 

There is a shape that has four sides, But it is not a square…No!

It’s a rectangle; It’s a rectangle; It’s a rectangle;

It is not like a square…No!

Two sides are long; two sides are short. They are not the same…No!

It’s a rectangle; It’s a rectangle; It’s a rectangle; The sides are not the same…No!



Identifying Shapes Song

(original author unknown)

Cynthia Circle, Cynthia Circle is nice and round,

No corners on her are ever found.


Samuel Square, Samuel square that’s my name.

I have four sides that are all the same.


Tilly triangle, Tilly triangle is here to see you.

She has three sides and three points too.


Ricky Rectangle Ricky rectangle is a funny sort,

Two sides are long and two sides are short



How Can You Tell

(tune “Frere Jacques”) (original author unknown)

This is a square, this is a square,

How can you tell? How can you tell?

It has four sides, All the same size.

It’s a Square, It’s a Square.


This is a circle, this is a circle.

How can you tell? How can you tell?

It goes round and round, No end can be found.

It’s a circle, It’s a circle.


This is a triangle, this is a triangle.

How can you tell? How can you tell?

It only has three sides, That join to make three points.

It’s a Triangle, It’s a triangle.


This is a rectangle, this is a rectangle.

How can you tell? How can you tell?

It has two short sides And it has two long sides.

It’s a rectangle, It’s a rectangle.



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