Preschool Graduation Songs & Kindergarten Graduation Song Ideas:

Pre k graduation songs, ideas & kindergarten graduation songs for kids.Do you need free preschool graduation songs for preschoolers or kindergarten children to sing and use to prepare for celebration of their big day this pre k graduation season?

Preschool graduation signifies the end of one major aspect of your pre k child’s early learning and the start of many new educational experiences and learning for your child as they enter elementary school.

Kindergarten & preschool graduation means they are advancing at the elementary school level and is a very exciting time as the children move from kindergarten on to grade 1 and beyond.

There are some great pre k graduation songs for preschool children below on this page as well as, prek graduation poem ideas and activities for you to use with preschoolers and kindergarten children when planning commencement & grad ceremonies for your kids during end of year ceremonies, as children move on to big school.

Is Your Preschooler Graduating this Year?

There are some great pre k grad songs and ideas for commencement activities for pre k children below that will help to get the children excited about their upcoming educational adventure.

We have a variety of preschool graduation songs for preschoolers to sing and learn, activities, free preschool graduation diplomas, kindergarten graduation poems & ideas for children as they embark on graduating and move forward with this exciting change in their education.

Try out these cute, free preschool grad songs below and submit some of your own graduation ceremony ideas to us if you have any to provide. We will be sure to add your songs and ideas to our preschool site and this way our visitors can benefit from them as well.

Free Grad Songs for Preschoolers & Kindergarten Children:

Graduate Song

(original author unknown) Sung to: “Row, row, row, your boat”

Grad, grad, graduate!
Our day is finally here!

We learned so much the whole year through,
Graduation’s here!

Simple Kids Graduation Song:

(Easy-simple Song) Sung To: Mulberry Bush

We are here to graduate, graduate, graduate..

We are here to graduate, on this special day!

Today We Graduate:

(©  Sung To: Mulberry Bush

Today we get to graduate, graduate, graduate..

Today we get to Graduate.. Yes We Do!


Graduation Time Is Here:

(©  Sung to: Frere Jacques

Graduation, Graduation…

Time Is Here, Time Is Here…

Let’s All Sing Together, Let’s All Sing Together,

Loud and Clear! Loud and Clear!

Today’s The Day We Graduate: (Pre K Graduation Song)

(©  Sung To: Here We Are Together

Today’s the day We Graduate, Graduate, Graduate..

Today’s the day We Graduate from our Preschool.*

*(as an addition to the song you can add these verses after)

There’s (__child’s name__) and (_child’s name___) and (__child’s name__) and…..

Oh, they are here to graduate from our preschool.

Fun In Preschool Song

(original author unknown) Sung to: I’ll be working on the railroad

I’ve been having fun in preschool,
Learning all year long..

I can tell you all about it,
Just listen to this song.

We’ve been learning shapes and colors,
Letters and numbers too!

I’ve learned how to share with others,
Now our year is through!

Pre K Next Year Song

(original author unknown) Sung to: Are you sleeping

Pre-K next year,
Pre-K next year…

We’re moving up,
We’re moving up..

We’re going to write our letters
Spell our names much better..

Pre-K, here we come,
We’ll have so much fun!

Preschool Graduation Song

(© Sung to: Yankee Doodle

Preschool, preschool graduation..
the year’s come to an end-d!

We’ve sang and learned all our ABC’s..
And made lots of new friends!

I’m A Little Graduate

(Author unknown)

Sung To: “I’m a Little Teapot”

I’m a little graduate Dressed in red,

Wearing a gown and a cap on my head.

When I leave preschool I will be ____ (age)

A kindergarten student Aren’t you proud of me?

Leaving Preschool Song


Sung to: Frere Jacques

Leaving preschool, leaving preschool,

Yes we are…yes we are!

Our teachers were the greatest, they taught us all the latest,

things to learn, things to learn!

Going Off To Kindergarten

(Author Unknown) Sung to: Oscar Mayer Wiener Song

Oh, I’m ready to go off to kindergarten, That is where I really want to be…

Cause when I get to go to kindergarten, Everyone will be so proud of me!

Graduation Song

(original author unknown)

Now I know my ABC’s,
Colors, shapes, and days.

I sang some songs,
Learned some poems, rhymes, and finger plays.

I played outside on sunny days
And inside when it rained.

My little hands and little feet were busy every day.

My Teacher was (teacher’s name),
I kept her on her toes.,

She tied my shoes, combed my hair, and even wiped my nose.

But now it’s time to say “good-bye”
To all my preschool friends.

School is over, summer’s here,
But learning never ends!

Preschool Is Done (Pre K graduation song)

© Preschool Learning

‘sung to: Home on the Range’

Preschool, preschool is done,

the years have gone fast and been fun!

Kindergarten is near,

As we start a new year,

Our learning will never be done!

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