Preschool-Kindergarten Graduation

Preschool Graduation & Kindergarten Graduation Activities:

Preschool & kindergarten graduation ideas, pre k graduation certificates, activities and songs for kids.Preschool graduation and kindergarten graduation are two very special times in the life of your young kindergarten child or pre k children.

If your child is fortunate enough to go to preschool to get a head start on their early learning, then this time  of year is very exciting for you as a parent and them as the preschooler who is graduating.

Preschool graduation signifies your child moving from pre-school education into kindergarten, the start of their elementary education.

This is a very BIG deal for your little one as they make the switch to ‘big school’. It needs to be celebrated and requires special activities, songs and fun to mark the special occasion.

We have some special activities and pre k graduation certificates in this Preschool-Kindergarten Graduation section of our learning and educational website. We have preschool graduation poems, pre k graduation songs for children, free printable diplomas, preschool graduation certificates and other ideas for you and your pre k and kindergarten children on this very special day!

The same goes for kindergarten graduation activities. Kindergarten graduation signifies your kindergarten child is moving up in his learning on to grade one and beyond. Kindergarten kids get very excited about this special achievement and so should you as a proud parent or teacher.

*Please see all links on this page for appropriate pre k graduation material and resources for your grad day!

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