Purple People Eater Song & Circle Activity

Purple People Eater Children’s Song & Circle Time Activity


Purple people eater song activity, preschool songs and other circle time songs for learning.Preschool circle songs can be used in a variety of areas in teaching preschool children. Music and kids songs are great ways to get the children’s attention especially when starting a preschool circle.

Preschool circle time is a time when all the children sit around the teacher as the educator teaches or focuses on a fun learning activity, lesson, kids book or a fun children’s song etc.

Many different things can be taught to the preschool kids during pre k circle and you can find many ideas and activities for pre k circle activities on this website.

In the meantime, you can use the Purple People Eater song for kids below and the circle time activity associated with it below for a great activity for the children in your preschool classroom. Children really enjoy this preschool circle song and activity.


Purple People Eater Song

I was walking in the jungle one fine day,

When I saw a purple people eater come my way.

He took me and he put me in a great big pot,

Man oh man, was it ever hot!


We’re makin’ a purple stew,

Whip-a, whip-a, whip-a.

Makin’ a purple stew,

Scooby, dooby, dooby doo.

With purple potatoes, and purple tomatoes,


(Child’s name), (child’s name) and (child’s name) too!


Purple People Eater Circle Activity:


  1. When you call the children’s names, have them crouch down into a ball in the middle of the circle (the pot).
  2. Continue the song until the entire class is in the “pot”, calling 4-5 names at a time if necessary depending on the size of your class.
  3. Once all the children are in the pot ask them if they can find the purple eater in or under different areas in the room.
  4. When they say no, then, tell them to close their eyes and ask the purple people eater to play his song.
  5. When all their eyes are closed and they “ask”, play the purple people eater song, allow them to dance in the pot with their purple people eater puppets.
  6. You can print off a picture of the purple people eater that the children can color and paste on popsicle sticks as their own puppet.


*The ‘purple people eater’ picture is available for download in our coloring pages section and will be named ‘purple people eater.’ Also, be sure to view the video to the ‘left’ in gives an example of this preschool song and activity for kids.

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