Jungle Theme Lesson Plans For Preschool Kids

Preschool Jungle Lesson Plans for Kindergarten & Pre K

Preschool jungle theme lesson plans for teaching preschoolers & kindergarten children

Tigers, lions & jungle animals of all sorts. Let’s make things fun and educational for the preschool children with a fun preschool jungle lesson plan  & safari ride.

This is a fun educational jungle lesson plan and theme idea for the children. It will be so much fun for all the preschool children as they learn new exciting things about the jungle.

Children & preschoolers usually love some sort of animals or have their favorite wild animals. This jungle theme & it’s activities are very interesting and appealing to many preschool and kindergarten children as they associate the Jungle with many of their favorite animals like lions, tigers, hippos, monkeys & giraffes etc.

Are You Ready For Your Preschool Jungle Lesson Plan Theme?

This preschool jungle theme is a popular theme for preschoolers and can be used for teaching kids at home or at school in the classroom setting with some great, simple educational ideas.

Below are some simple ideas on how to get a jungle theme & lesson plan started and some educational, fun ways to keep using it for as long as the preschoolers and kindergarten kids are interested in the learning activities.

Remember, this is simply a starting point, you can add to the theme ideas below and build out your jungle theme as much as your preschool children would like.

Starting this Jungle Lesson Plan:


  • You can start off your lesson plan by introducing the word ‘jungle’ to the children and providing a simple description of what it is to the children in the class.
  • Make sure that you have various books in classroom library area and find various books to read to the kids based on the jungle to help build your theme . (These books should be age appropriate)
  • Take the time to find different jungle animal pictures and other jungle related pictures posted around the pre k classroom for the children to see.
  • You could have an art activity for the children where you make fun and crazy jungle tribal masks from paper bags or construction paper etc. with the children.
  • Provide various types of jungle animal toys on the toy shelf in the classroom for the kids. (eg.) monkeys, giraffes, lions, etc.)
  • You could even provide various types of Jungle theme props like safari hats for the kids, toy binoculars etc. for a dramatic play activity for the children.
  • Find different types of jungle themed puzzles and jungle activity pages.
  • Play some fun jungle style music for the children to set the mood, or music that is about specific types of jungle animals, like monkeys, tigers etc.


Explain What Types of Animals Live in the Jungle & What Foods Do They Eat?


  • You could talk about different jungle cat species like panthers, tigers, jaguars, leopards, lions etc. (These animals eat meat or other animals that they hunt down as prey.)
  • Discuss reptiles and snakes (Many of these will eat rodents or frogs, some large snakes will eat large animals etc.)
  • You can discuss bears and different types of bears like Koala bears, panda bears (Bears generally like to eat things like fish, different types of nuts, berries, honey, leaves and more.)
  • Monkeys, apes and gorillas. (Monkeys & gorillas will eat fruits like bananas, coconuts, seeds and things like that.)
  • Zebras are like a type of horse that is black and white that is out on jungle plains and you might see on a safari. (Zebras eat tall grass and vegetation)
  • Giraffes are very tall and run very fast with long necks. (Giraffes eat leaves and berries, fruits etc. off of tall trees.)
  • Elephants are wrinkly and grey or brown usually. They have long trunks and white ivory tusks. (Elephants eat things like leaves from trees, shrubs, and shoots.)
  • Cheetahs are another type of wild cat that can be found on a safari or in the jungles. (Cheetahs run very fast and eat meat or other animals that they hunt down.)
  • Alligators or crocodiles live in the rivers, swamps and lakes. (Crocodiles like to eat meat or other animals that enter to close to the water or fish.)
  • Rhinoceros are big strong animals with a horn in between it’s eyes. (They eat plants and different forms of vegetation etc.)
  • Different Jungle Birds like parrots and vultures etc.( Some jungle birds eat insects, seeds, nuts and fruit others like vultures eat meat of dead or dying animals.)
  • Hippopotamus’ swim in the water and have very large mouths with big teeth and strong jaws. (They eat grass, vegetation and fish, water life.)…etc.


You Can Talk About & Explain What a Jungle Looks Like?


  • How is the jungle different than a forest?
  • What types of things might you find in a jungle? (eg. Things like water falls, rivers, lakes for the animals to have drinking water)
  • What type of plants, trees and grass might you find in the jungle? (eg. Palm trees, coconut trees, banana trees, mango trees, pineapples)
  • Provide colorful books and photos of the jungle using real life images of jungle related plants, animals, fruits, water falls, rivers, jungle people etc.
  • You can then talk the opportunity during circle time or small group to have the preschool children explain what they see in the colorful photos of the jungle.
  • Discuss the pictures and things in the pictures with the kids to encourage social skills and observations etc.
  • Find coloring sheets and worksheets about the jungle, jungle games and animals for this jungle theme.
  • What colors do we find in the jungle?
  • What colors are the different animals that you find there?

Where Does Each Jungle Animal Live?


Each kind of animal will find a home within their natural habitat, the jungle.

What kind of a home do they have for them and their animal families?

Different animals have different types of homes.

These could be a nest, a den or a burrow. Other animals maybe living under a rock, in a hollow tree trunk, up high in trees, in the water etc.

Dramatic Play for Kids using a Jungle Theme:


  • Set up a jungle themed dramatic play center for the preschool classroom for kids to use their imaginations and pretend they are in a jungle.
  • You could make a simple jungle jeep, safari jeep or car out of a cardboard box for the children.
  • Safari looking hats are fun as props to set the mood of the jungle theme for the kids.
  • Toy children’s binoculars or you could make some out of old toilet paper rolls that you simply tape or glue together. You could paint them or color them to make them look more real.
  • Get simple toy cameras or pretend cameras or even small boxes like old bar soap boxes to make pretend cameras for the children on their safari trip.
  • Put up pictures of a variety of different jungle animals on the wall in the preschool, or school classroom and let your pre k kids go on a fun, educational and pretend, jungle safari right in school. Add some fun theme music to set the mood and let the children have some fun.


A Jungle lesson plan activity like this really has no set limits on how it needs to be presented to the kids. Stick to your specific educational theme and keep it fun and interesting for the children. Think outside the box. That’s what great teaching is all about and kids will love it!

Have a great time – in the preschool jungle with the children.


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