Dinosaur Lesson Plan & Kids Dinosaur Activities

Simple dinosaur lesson plan activities for teaching preschool & kindergarten children.Kids are fascinated with dinosaurs. Movies, cartoons and other areas of entertainment have made dinosaurs a favorite with many children.

This is a simple way for teachers/parents to build a dinosaur lesson plan for kids or activities for teaching preschool children and kindergarten kids about dinosaurs, the different types and other unique facts using some fun creative learning ideas.

Use the simple preschool lesson plan ideas below to get preschoolers and kindergarten kids started and build out your dinosaur theme from there as you wish.

Starting Your Kids Dinosaur Lesson Plan & Dino Theme:

Dino Books:

You can start your dinosaur lesson plan by getting some books about dinosaurs. There are many dinosaur books that have illustration and fun facts about dinosaurs.

Try not to get too detailed with the facts and all the different information so as to overwhelm the kids.

Dinosaur Pictures & Coloring Pages:

  • Get pictures of the different types of dinosaurs that existed.
  • Hang these pictures around the room or have them accessible for the children to look through so they get familiar with the different types. The children will find their favorites.
  • Dinosaur coloring pages can be placed out in the activity or coloring area for the children.

Dinosaur Lesson Plan Circle Time Activities:

  • Read dinosaur stories to the kids or books that are about dinosaurs. Check out these dinosaur craft activities & ideas for kids.
  • Bring in some plastic dinosaur toys. You can find these at the dollar store or other toy retailers for cheap. You can use these to identify the different type of dinosaurs by name. You can discuss or talk about all the things that we know about these dinosaurs.
  • Talk about people who dig for dinosaur bones and what their job involves.
  • Talk about fossils and what they are etc.

Sing Songs or Play Music:

You can sing dinosaur songs or play music that teaches or talks about dinosaurs. You can find this online on places like amazon for example.

Here is a simple, fun song written by us @ www.preschoollearningonline.com:

I’m a T-Rex:

(© 2012 www.preschoollearningonline.com)

I’m a T-Rex,

I’m BIG and MEAN,

I’m the BIGGEST,

BADDEST dinosaur

on the scene,

When you see me coming

You’ll RUN and SCREAM,

I’m a T-Rex,

I’m BIG and MEAN


Sensory Activities:

Hide some fake bones (toys) or clean chicken bones etc. in the sand box.

Provide the children with small hand shovels and pails. Let the children search for the bones.

Creative Movement Ideas:

Talk about how different dinosaurs moved, walked and ran. You can put on some fun music and let the children move around as they think there favorite dinosaur did.

  • You can ask different questions like:
  • How did they move when they ate?
  • How did they run?
  • How did they move when they walked? etc.

Play Fun Learning Games for your Dinosaur Lesson Plan:

Play fun dinosaur theme games and dinosaur activities for learning things like math, counting and spelling etc.

These can include finding work sheets that use dinosaurs as a theme. You can see our dinosaur counting game here.