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All About Me Theme Lesson Plan For Kids

All About Me Preschool Theme & About Me Lesson Plan For Kids


All about me preschool lesson plans & kindergarten theme activities for kids

The All About Me preschool theme is a good choice for use with the pre k children and toddlers in your care when looking for new educational ideas and lesson plans for the school classroom.

We all have things in common with each other when it comes to our bodies and the things we can do with our bodies and body parts.

The All About Me preschool theme teaches that from our arms, our legs, our eyes, mouth and ears and even our hair, we are all similar yet different.

All these body parts serve the same purposes – how is each body part used?


Here are some simple, pre school teaching activities and facts to bring out during a preschool ‘All About Me’ theme lesson plan for kids and preschoolers in the classroom today.


Benefits of an All About Me Theme:

The All About Me lesson plans and kids learning theme is a great way to interact with kids and preschoolers as they learn about body parts and what each body part does and how to use them, as well as learning about their favorite things, favorite foods and family members etc.


Teaching Kids About Themselves & Learning About Body Parts:

In order to start this lesson plan with your children you can focus on discussing the following areas with your class.

You can certainly add to the information below, however, the educational ideas below are good for building a fun lesson focusing on an ‘about me’ theme for the kids.


Talk About Things We Have On Our Bodies:

When starting out this About Me theme with the children, you can start by describing the different parts of each of our bodies.

  • These body parts consist of legs, toes, feet and ankles.
  • We also have knees on our legs.
  • We have arms which have elbows.
  • On our arms we have hands and wrists.
  • Our hands have fingers etc.
  • Our bodies also consist of a stomach, chest, back, bottom which is kind of like the connecting point for our legs and our arms.
  • We also have a neck that holds our head.
  • Our head has a face and hair.
  • Each of our faces has a mouth, a set of eyes a nose and ears with hair on the top of our head.


What Does Each Body Part Do For Us?

  • Our eyes allow each of us to see.
  • Our noses allow us to smell new smells.
  • Our ears allow us to hear sounds.
  • With our mouths we can eat our favorite foods.
  • Using our legs we can run and jump and kick a ball.
  • We can flap arms like a bird.
  • Our neck allows us to move our head from side to side and up and down.
  • We can make funny faces and stick out our tongue using our faces.
  • We can move and wiggle our entire body around at the same time.
  • Moving our body parts like our arms and our legs and our heads, hands and feet we can dance around. (This is a good opportunity to play some fun music that the kids will enjoy and can dance to.)


Other Learning Activities About Us:

We each have a unique voice that nobody else has. My voice sounds like this. (You could then sing a fun simple children’s song like ABC’s or Twinkle Little Star)


Talk About Feelings:

I have many different feelings each and everyday such as feeling sad, angry, happy, scared, surprised and tired.

You could have the children fill in the blanks describing how they really feel. (eg.) When I am sad I____, When I am scared I_____ . When I am tired I _____. etc.

You can discuss laughing. Talk with the children about what laughing is and and how laughing is a happy feeling. We laugh at jokes or when we think something is funny. Laughter is a happy sound that makes us feel good.


Art Idea:

Use a large roll of butchers paper or paper large enough for the kids to lie on. Have the children take turns outlining each others body using a marker. Teachers may have to do the outlining for some children.

The children can now take some markers, paints or crayons and use their outline to draw themselves. They can draw how they think they look. These outlines and drawings can be hung around the classroom.


Other Resources:

  • You can have books based on an about me theme that you read with the children during circle.
  • You can have images of different looking people hanging on the walls or in the library area.
  • Have coloring pages and activity sheets that are based on the theme. Use the printable pages below to add to your lesson plan.


Dramatic Play:

Set up a house center for your dramatic play area. You will find that the children may start to act out and role play different things from their own home experiences.


Songs & Music:

Teach the children the song “head and shoulders knees and toes” and sing it with them. Find other fun music that is related to learning body parts and songs that talk about feelings and things related to this theme.  Watch the video below for the song.


Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes Song:


‘All About Me’ Worksheets & Resources:

You can also use this About Me lesson plan activity to learn about the children’s favorite activities, favorite foods etc. This is a good opportunity to get them to discuss their pets, if they have any and talk about family members like mom, dad and any brothers and sisters that they may have. Use your imagination and think of new ways to make this all about the children.



Emotional Printables for this Lesson Plan:


*We hope this helps give you a large head start on your ‘All About Me’ preschool lesson plan theme for the children and preschoolers in your educational care.

If you have any other suggestions on what to use for this lesson plan idea, please email us, we will add your lesson plan content if we feel it is of benefit to our visitors.


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