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 Kids stories online and children's stories for learning at home or the pre k classroom.

Children have very active imaginations today. Imagination is great for your child’s creativity.

What child out there hasn’t at one time been entertained by great kids stories?

There are a lot of great free kids stories online today that children can enjoy.

Kids books and stories are often used to teach children important life lessons. A good story for kids may help them with learning how to conduct themselves, learn various subjects or simply have fun and imagine!

Bedtime stories, preschooler stories and other free story ideas can be great opportunities  for teaching and fun for children. You just need to have in mind what you are looking for in a book or story.


Short Stories & Poems for Kids (All Listed)


Parents, teachers, students and care givers can benefit from these great stories & books for kids. There are a lot of fantastic writers online, and these books and story ideas make for great educational tools as well. It just depends on the subject of the book. Be sure to check them out!

If you have any great links to some preschool stories for kids or books for preschoolers that you want to share, please email us the details and we will add them to our pre k website once reviewed.


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  • “Bipper and Wick” – A story about youth-full rebellion
    that leads to an unlikely friendship. What happens
    when a young bear decides that hibernation is just a
    waste of time?
  • “Sprinting Spencer Still Wants to Run” – A former star
    thoroughbred race horse struggles with his racing days
    being over.
  • “The Hummingbird Who Chewed Bubblegum” – A little
    hummingbird wants gum and can blow big bubbles.
  • “The Lazy Loppin Goat”- A little goat’s unwillingness
    to eat grass gets her accused of being lazy.
  • “The Rooster that Wouldn’t Crow” – A story about
    individuality and the right of a rooster to fall in
    love with anyone he wants to fall in love with.
  • “The Wasp and the Canary” – A wasp comes looking for a
    tasty dinner and finds a friend.



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