Healthy Preschool Snacks & Lunch Ideas For Kids

Healthy preschool snacks, daycare lunch menus & healthy breakfast ideas for kids providing energy and proper preschool nutrition to keep kids fit and active!An important consideration for preschool children today as always, is providing healthy preschool snacks, healthy well balanced meals and treats which your preschoolers and young children will enjoy while providing the necessary nutrients they require.

Children lead busy, active lives and require healthy daycare/school lunch menu ideas, healthy breakfast ideas, fun preschool snacks, treats and recipes with proper nutrition.

These nutritious food choices and breakfast ideas help kids with their continued physical development as well as improved mental development. Also be sure to check out our list of Best Lunch Boxes and Bags for kids.

*See All our listed healthy snacks for preschoolers and children listed below.

Healthy Pre K Snacks, Breakfast for Kids & Lunch Ideas:





Finger Foods:

Vegetable Snacks:

Healthy Food & Snack Choices:

These healthy preschool snacks, easy to make breakfasts and lunch menus are important for promoting healthy, energetic kids in a world full of fast foods, processed foods, box dinners full of preservatives and sugar laden sodas and juices. These food and drink choices lack good healthy nutrition for your preschoolers, toddlers and young children.

Excellent, well informed ideas along with proper preschool nutrition should be an important part of all your kids snacks, breakfast and lunch ideas.

How can you make healthy choices when preparing food for your kids?

Always read the labels and be aware of sugars, bad fats and sodium in the foods you are feeding your young children and yourself. You need to know what levels of sugar and fats are reasonable for your children.

We endeavor to provide parents and teachers more nutritious, healthy snack ideas, easy to make treats and lunch ideas for their preschoolers and young children.

Childhood Obesity On The Rise:

Fact is, there are more over weight, obese and under nourished children, preschoolers and toddlers today. This poor health epidemic is due to a lack of healthy preschool nutrition.

Poor breakfast choices for your kids, snacks and treats which are high in sugar, fat and sodium and an extreme lack of physical activity.

When I was a child I was always outside, riding my bike, playing in the forest, running with my friends etc. I was active. Kids today have too many distractions like television, cartoons, cell phones, computers and video games.

While these things certainly have their place, kids sitting , playing on these things for hours daily when they should be out moving isn’t helping them. This I feel is one of the main reasons that children are becoming over weight.

Parents need to limit these activities and concentrate on providing healthy breakfasts, snacks and suppers to their children.

Preschool nutrition is extremely important to your child’s healthy  physical and mental development. Good healthy choices for breakfast, lunch and snacks provide preschoolers, toddlers and young kids with the energy that they require to keep them going throughout their busy and often very active days.

This preschool website will provide regularly updated healthy preschool snacks for kids, preschool treats, school lunch recipes and breakfasts for kids that are healthy, simple and quick to make for your children, while maintaining proper nutrition and nourishment.

You can find more healthy preschool snacks and daycare lunch menu ideas in this snacks and recipes section of our preschool website. Be aware that we also provide many treats, while not as nutritious for kids, are simply fun ideas for kids when you are looking for something new for them.

Western Sandwiches:

A Healthy Breakfast Idea for Kids that is easy to make and nutritious.

What’s Needed for this Healthy Lunch/Breakfast For Kids:

  • 3-4 strips of bacon cut up in little pieces.
  • 2-3 beaten eggs
  • Onion (optional)
  • Sandwich bread
  • Shredded cheddar cheese
  • Salt and Pepper to taste

Fry the cut up bacon in a pan. When the bacon is almost done, add the onion if desired. When the bacon is cooked add in the egg and salt and pepper.

Mix around with a spatula every once and while until eggs are cooked. (The eggs do not have to be like an omelet or scrambled. Nice big chunks of egg are usually good).

When the egg mixture is cooked remove, the pan from the heat and set it aside.

While the eggs start to cool, toast two pieces of bread at a time. When the toast is done, add some of the egg mixture on one piece of bread and top with a little bit if shredded cheddar.

Put the other piece of toast on top and cut the sandwich in half.

*This sandwich is great served with cut up fruit or vegetables and a glass of fresh milk and is a very healthy/well balanced choice for kids.

This makes a great healthy breakfast for kids or lunch idea for kids.

Go Fish!

What You Need For This Fun, Simple Preschool Snack :

  • Straight cut pretzels
  • Small fish shaped crackers
  • Plain Cream Cheese
  • Blue Food Coloring

What to do for this Preschool Snack:

Mix a few drops of blue food coloring in with the cream cheese and mix until color is well blended. Spoon cream cheese in a bowl, and place fish crackers around the edges of the cream cheese (water).

Have the children take a pretzel stick and dip it into the blue cream cheese (water).

Then have the pre k children “catch a fish” on the end of the pretzel that is dipped into the cream cheese.

The children can eat the whole thing. (the fish and fishing pole) Then start all over again. They will love to go fishing and eating their catch.