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Fingerplays For Preschoolers


Fingerplays for preschoolers and hand puppets stories and activities.

Fingerplays involve the use of ‘finger puppets’, your ‘fingers’ or ‘gloves’ that include different characters or items being part of the song or story you are presenting to the preschool classroom or other young children.

Fingerplays involve some sort of hand or finger movements that go along with the song or activity that the preschoolers or kindergarten kids can try and imitate.

These finger movements get kids using the small muscles of their hands and help with fine motor skill development.

As with other stories and preschool kids songs, there is usually some sort of educational aspect or ‘life lesson’ to learn from the finger play and it’s song lyrics.

The bottom line is that preschool finger plays are fun and children and preschoolers really enjoy watching and learning from these unique songs and lessons. We have a variety of these teaching ideas throughout this section of this children’s preschool website and at the links on the right hand side in the navigation area.


Fingerplays & Activities for Preschool:

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