Kids spelling game and word recognition using audio to learn how to spell in english.

FUN SPELL Version 1.0 Has Arrived!

Kids Spelling Games & Activities For Children

Fun Spell For Kids – Learning Made Easy!

Teaching kids letters and spelling is not always an easy task, yet it is one of the best things you can do to increase your childs educational skills, word recognition and language skills during their early development.

Do You Want Your Child To Improve in Learning Spelling?

Looking for Fun Spelling Practice Activities?

What About Improving Your Child’s Reading & Word Recognition?

Want To Advance Your Child’s Education? Want To Put Them At The Top Of Their Class?

Homeschooling Your Child?

Spelling games for kids, activities and other childrens spelling exercises are not easy to find online. There is a need for good activities and tools to help kids learning to spell.

That is what we are all about-teaching kids!

 Kids spelling games and activities for improving language, word and letter recognition.

Kids Spelling Game & Activities:

Our kids spelling game and learning tool comes with 50 everyday words and names of various objects that your children will love to use to practice spelling.

There is an fun image of the object that appears on each press of the button. Underneath the image appears the ‘name’ of the object spelled out correctly.

Download The Full Version Of Fun Spell For Kids! $14.95

ONLY $14.95

Easy Spelling Practice

Audio Pronunciation of Words & Pronunciation Of Letters

Kids spelling has never been easier! One press of the button brings up the next image on screen. An audio clip pronounces the name to familiarize children with how the word is pronounced.

Under each image the ‘word’ is spelled correctly with bold letters. The letters that spell the word are clickable buttons which will say the name of the ‘letter’ as they click each letter that makes up the complete word.

This is the ‘effective’ part of this child’s fun learning game.

The child not only hears the pronunciation of the ‘object’ on screen, they also see the word spelled correctly. Then, upon clicking each letter (left to right) each ‘letter’ name is pronounced thus familiarizing them with the alphabet letters and each letters name.


ESL Spelling & Learning

esl for kids & simple interactive learning

ESL spelling, ESL for kids and others looking for exercises for spelling english can benefit from this interactive activity. People who may be trying to learn english and how to spell english words can benefit from this easy learning tool as well.

You can use this unique word tool to learn over and over again.

It will help individuals to learn the alphabet, spell the words from left to right (in english language) and how to pronunciate 50 different english words.


Fun Learning Software That Can Be Used Again & Again with Your Kids!

Kids spelling software for teaching kids to spell, alphabet letetrs and word recognition.


Download The Full Version Of ‘FUN SPELL’ (version 1.0)

ONLY $14.95

Download The Full Version Of Fun Spell For Kids! $14.95

Download Anytime – 24 Hours A Day!


Fun Spell-Software Game for Preschoolers

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